Offering the Financing Solutions
Your Business Needs To Grow

Are you searching for commercial finance solutions that are ideal for your business? Our loans are just what you need to promote growth and success in your market. At Whitefish Funding, we are capable of financing a wide range of projects for companies of various sizes, which makes us a leader in the industry.

Solutions You Can Find in Our Portfolio

We do our best to offer the solutions you need to solve your financial situation. Part of that is being able to provide loan options that include the following programs.

Offering free consultations is the other part that helps us finance your needs. Our experts can guide you to the product after finding out more about your business goals, completely free of charge.

Equipment Financing

Merchant Cash Advance

Stated Income Loans

Unsecured Line of Credit

Healthcare Financing

Purchase Order Financing

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The loan options we provide cover many different commercial projects, such as establishing a credit card program, refinancing, leasing tools and renovating properties to name a few. If you have projects similar to these that you need to complete in order to support your business growth, call us to ask about our business loans and we’d be happy to help you.