You might be thinking of launching a startup, and before you really get going, you’re already plagued by doubts. What about those statistics about how many startups fail? Does anyone have any interest in your service/product? Rest assured that many entrepreneurs before you have had the same concerns, and still managed to succeed and thrive. Here are several things to remember about startups.

1. You’re Not Alone

Experiencing periods of anxiety is part of the journey of being a startup owner. One of the best ways to deal with it is to accept it, and know that you’re not alone. There are many founders and entrepreneurs worldwide that are riding a similar rollercoaster. Somehow, compassionate awareness that others are going through struggle and triumph can help you feel more expansive and less closed-in as you scale your business.

2. Others Can Help

Finding some way to participate in the larger world of entrepreneurs can be tremendously beneficial. Most successful startup founders have been assisted by others and want to give back by helping those who are just starting out. You might be surprised by the willingness of successful entrepreneurs to communicate with you.

3. Iron Sharpens Iron

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, seek out lateral relationships that provide accountability and feedback. If you have little money to spend, Meetup and other social media can get you started. If you have the opportunity to bring someone else into your startup founding, all the better. Complementary skills, mutual support, encouragement to aim higher, and the joy of interaction are all great perks of making your startup a team effort.

4. Mindset Is Key

Skills are important for getting a startup going, but a customer-focused mindset is far more important. Being mission-driven, focusing on others, and prioritizing consistency and effort are a few types of effective mindsets. This is a case where getting on the email list of a few like-minded business coaches can make a big difference in your level of motivation.

5. Mental Health Is a Priority

Being a startup founder involves high uncertainty and high pressure. It requires that you attend to your mind and emotions in a healthy, constructive way. Drastic fluctuations in energy, procrastination, and dependability are all detrimental to the growth of your business and usually reflect a need to take care of yourself mentally.

Launching a startup successfully requires staying connected with yourself and others. Consider these ideas as you make your plan.