Generation Z includes young people born between 1996 and 2010, many of whom are beginning to make their presence felt in workplaces. Experts say that by 2021 young adults from Gen Z will make up one-fifth of the workforce, and so it is imperative that companies prepare to receive and make optimum use of these dynamic additions to their ranks. Unlike Millennials, members of Gen Z crave security and stability more than purposeful employment. They are adept with technology and eager for advancement. Here are some ways that you can help Gen Z employees thrive in your office.

Create an Appropriate Environment

Members of Gen Z enjoy the collaborative aspects of teamwork but also sometimes like to work alone. To accommodate these disparate tendencies, make your office environment a blend of open work spaces and niches where it is possible to break away from the group and ruminate in solitude. Shared spaces should be visually pleasant, with lots of sunlight, vibrant plants, bright colors, and multifunctional furniture. An aesthetically attractive area encourages openness and collaboration.

Update Technology

Because members of Gen Z have grown up with technology, they expect to be surrounded by a digital environment in the workplace. The entire organization needs to be comfortable with the concepts and language of digital innovation. Upgrading technology will not only appeal to your younger workers, but it will also allow day to day operations to go smoother and swifter.

Encourage Competition

Although Millennial employees favor teamwork, members of Gen Z thrive on competition. These attitudes can complement each other if you build the proper workplace culture. One effective solution lies in using technology to evoke a competitive spirit. In training programs, for instance, you can rely partially on digital games with point scoring, badges when milestones are reached, and ultimate rewards. Healthy competition can imbue your workforce with new vitality.

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