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At Whitefish Funding, we are always looking to expand our referral and broker program with talented individuals. We prioritize client satisfaction so we demand excellence from the members of our team, but we offer numerous benefits for joining our company. If you are looking to enrich your career by joining a versatile lending company and have the qualities we are looking for, we would love to speak with you about working with us.

Benefits of Working With Us

When you join Whitefish Funding, you will gain the opportunity to work with a high-quality financial company that is committed to enriching your career. You will have the freedom to work from anywhere with internet access and you will also earn commissions on every transaction you
broker. When we get repeat clients, we offer reciprocal referrals so we can help you sharpen your own financial skills. Our brokers are protected with prompt payments and upfront fee disclosure so you can be confident about every transaction you broker.

Qualities We Are Looking For

Because we place such a high value on client satisfaction, we have a certain set of characteristics that we look for in applicants. We believe that the following qualities allow our brokers to better serve clients.

  • Motivation: Our brokers should be driven to complete their assigned tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Confidence: We want our brokers to believe in their ability to complete the job correctly.
  • Knowledge: All of our brokers have to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry.
  • Organization: Our brokers should be able to complete tasks in the correct order without getting sidetracked.
  • Humor: We want our brokers to set clients at ease with well-placed humor.
  • Friendliness: Our brokers need to be personable so they can network easily.

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If you have the characteristics Whitefish Funding is looking for, we would love to talk with you about joining our team. Contact us today to apply.

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