The flu can wipe out an office because it can spread so quickly through a group of people. Prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to germs and infections. Here are a few ways to keep the flu out of your office this season.

Educate and Provide Supplies

Give employees the tools they need to take care of themselves through the flu season. Provide CDC guidelines about frequent hand washing and when to stay home. Make sure everyone has the supplies they need to disinfect work stations and common areas. Set out hand sanitizer through the office. Order extra boxes of Kleenex and stock extra cleaning wipes.

Avoid Gatherings

Even in less infectious times, meetings can be time-consuming and unproductive. During flu season, viruses can spread quickly when the team is gathered together. Only hold essential meetings. Use online options for meetings to avoid travel and get-togethers.

Make Sure Everyone Gets Flu Vaccines

Encourage your team to get the flu vaccine. Bring it to your office if you can or give people time to go to the health department or a pharmacy that offers it. Make it a priority for your team and their family.

Give Employees Enough Sick Time

Let employees work from home if possible when they have sick kids or don’t feel well. Don’t make employees feel bad when they do feel sick. Losing one day of productivity from one person isn’t near as bad as having three to four people out who got sick from that one person.

Have a Plan For When the Team Is Sick

What will you do if a majority of your team comes down with flu, a cold, or even COVID-19? How can you keep things running, even at a minimum, until people get well? Create a plan to deal with the basics of work if you lose key people. Viruses do not recognize seniority.

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