Modern customers want to shop with businesses that reflect their values. Eco-friendly consumers look for businesses that are eco-friendly. You don’t need a complete retrofit to be more eco-friendly. Just look at some of your daily practices and find ways to be more conscious about your carbon footprint. Here are some ideas.

Turn Off Lights and Electronics

Encourage your employees to turn off computers, printers and other items when they leave their office. Install motion-sensor lights or simply ask your team to turn off lights. Discourage screensavers when computers aren’t in use. You’ll save money by letting computers sleep.

Incentivize Car Pooling, Cycling, or Using Public Transportation

Commuting puts a heavy toll on the environment. Find ways to encourage employees to get to work in eco-friendly methods. Or encourage tele-commuting if possible. Give a bonus for clean commuting each month.

Provide Resources

Going eco-friendly starts with you. If you use paper, make sure to buy recycled options. Put dishes in your break room and install a dishwasher to allow your team to reuse cups, plates and flatware. Offer a water cooler or filtered water to reduce your consumption of bottled water. Buy green cleaning supplies.

When You Remodel, Look for Eco-Friendly Options

Your public utility company may have rebates for installing LED lights, making the cost more affordable. When you need furniture, find options that are eco-friendly instead of purchasing brand new. Recycle your old furniture.

Being eco-friendly may have an initial investment, but over time, you will save more money. You can affect your employees and consumers through investing in eco-friendly options. Sustainability isn’t a fad, but a serious practice that offers many benefits for businesses. You should check out incentives in your area for businesses that invest in eco-friendly options.

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